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Vintage Camera Lenses is a blog and a reference website for old cameras, vintage lenses and analogue photography.

I have been collecting and shooting film cameras and vintage lenses for quiet a while now. I was often disappointed by the lack of information available online. Instead, I had to rely on old publications, specialized magazines and old books to gather information. I therefore decided to found vintage-cameras-lenses.com in order to share my knowledge. I am writing content during my free time, in order to speed things up you can help me:

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I am not claiming to know everything about every camera or lens. If you find errors or have any additional information please contact me.

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Do you want to share your knowledge? Do you have a favourite lens or camera you want to write about? Are you keen on telling us about your darkroom techniques? Feel free to reach out if you want to write an article – I am sure we can work something out!

Share images with the community

Pictures and illustrations are very important for every website. Everyone likes to read articles but visual input is also important. I do own a lot of lenses and cameras but not all of them! Sometimes I want to write an article but I do not have pictures of a particular lens or camera. At the moment I require pictures of the following gear, if you could provide pictures please contact me:

    • Zeiss Palanar 55mm 1.2 CY
    • Carl Zeiss Planar 85mm 1.4 – Contarex
  • NIKKOR-H Auto 1:2 f=50mm

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In order to cover the costs involved with running the website I rely on advertising and donations. Please support the cause by purchasing your gear through the banners on this website. Little donations are also highly appreciated:

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