Pentacon 50 1.8 lens review

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  • Alex

    Just got one of these today in a charity shop together with 2X Regent converter and Pentax Nova II 35 mm camera with bag. All for £5.
    One thing I noticed is that the lens actually has half stop positions. Everyone seems to have missed that. If I recall correctly some of the lens of this era did the same thing. Its a nice bit of flexibility but a little care is needed to make sure you are at f16 or f11 and not f13.5 unless thats your choice. From the lens side you can see the diaphragms closing to these half stops. On a dlsr I dont suppose its a problem.
    As for the Nova it took me back a bit to fiddle with winding the film on – none of that multiple dslr shooting. How fast can you be shooting in the old days? Well thankfully those days are gone. We are living the dream

    • Hi Alex, thanks for your input. True this lens, like a lot of other vintage lenses offers half stops. That can be a bit tricky at the beginning. Congratulations on you bargain buy – that lens is worth much more than 5 quid!

  • Paul Carter

    I have a Pentacon 50mm 1.8 (all black) can you tell me if these lenses have Thorium in them or where I could find out. thanks

  • John Geerts

    I have the Pentacon 50mm 1.8 with one silver line. With Multi Coating and auto. ser.no7812256

    Actually, I like the bokey. I shot the photo with the Nikon D200 in f/5.6.

  • Albert Argilaga Claramunt

    How to know the production year by its serial number? mine is 6604814.

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  • Polawat Ponaree

    Hi, I got this lens couple days but I have to push dof button all time otherwise blade its wide open. 🙁

    • Samuel McSherry

      if you look under near the base of the lense where it mounts the camera, theres a little switch of sorts, with two settings, M and A, if you set it to M you wont have to hold the DOF button. I hope this is the same on your lense, i am using an m42 mount model all black.

  • Sammie O.S

    Hello..I like your post . I just bought a pentacon 50mm 1.8 and I’m currently using a Nikon D600. My worry now is I don’t know the particular “best” adapter to get in order to have a smooth use of this lens. Can you be able to help me as to which one I can buy with possibly a direct link to it. Thanks so much

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  • billcanada

    I like this lens. It renders nice bokeh and colours. picture: [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]Colour & Fragrance[/url] by [url=]Bill C[/url], on Flickr

  • Shaun Patrick Flynn

    I am curious to know what size filter one should use on this lens..49 or 51/52?

  • Mike Murphy

    Thanks very much for this interesting review and descriptions of the different versions of the Pentacon 50mm f1.8. I assume that though the exterior of the lens changed over time, there are no noticeable differences in photos taken with the different versions? I ask this question because I’ve also seen a review of the 4 versions of the Jupiter 8 50mm F2 by Retro Foto House and the reviewer did note differences in photo quality from the different lens (version 1 (ranked #1) 1950s, version 2 1960s (#3), version 3 (#4)1970s version 4 1980s ( #2))

    I have the first version of the Pentacon 50mm (auto), received today, though I have not yet received the M42 – Sony NEX adapter. Serial Number 5744281.

    Thanks again !

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