Pentacon 135 2.8

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  • Thomas Duvrai

    correction: minimum focusing distance is not 170/150 mm but 1700/1500 mm which is equal to 1.7/1.5 m

    • vintage camera lenses

      of course – thanks for pointing that out!

    • you are right, thanks for pointing that out!

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  • Keith Canisius Baerken

    Which mount should I get (Canon 5D mark II). Mine is probably a Praktica B mount. Since it came from a Praktica MTL 5B Camera.

    • The MTL 5B has a M42 mount. So you need a M42 to Canon EOS adapter. M42 lenses are screwmount and Praktica B lenses are bajonett mount.

      • Keith Canisius Baerken

        Thanks! Now looking for a front cap for it, filter size is 55mm, but it must be bigger due to the front moveable element.

  • Kayem

    I have a 15-blade first edition – it is hard to use but outstanding fun. In all your judgements keep in mind that it was designed as a wide aperture, full frame portrait lens. At f2.8 it is soft but that could well be because the DOF is so narrow that it is hard to compose esp at short working distances, even on an APS-C sensor. At f32 it is amazing in that even on infinity focus, the 15-blades give you zero point light starring – you just get smudges. This lens really makes you think about what you are doing and how you are composing your pictures as opposed to modern, slow, zoom telephoto kit lenses with AF. The bokeh is incredible. I’m pretty sure there are other versions like the “zebra” that have the six-blade aperture but with a lighter build than the electric. I’ll try and dig up some links and post them here.

  • ioovo

    Hello, I have a question please.
    Can I use this telephoto lens (2nd version) with my Olympus EP-M2 mirrorless (micro 4/3) camera?
    What kind of adapter ring should I buy? When using such lens on modern cameras (like mine) all the settings are done (only) on the lens, isn’t it?
    Thanks for any info and advice.

    • Hi,
      yes, you can use the lens on a mft camera. Infinity focus will work. Aperture settings and focusing is done manually on the lens. No autofocus. Shutter speed is handled by the camera in “Aperture priority” mode.
      You will need a M42 (or EXA – depends on the lens mount) to MFT adapter:
      beware of the crop factor due to smaller senror & good luck!

      • ioovo

        Hello, thanks for your advice.
        The crop factor of my Olympus is 2x. If I’m not wrong, this means a 270 mm Pentax lens. Well, in this case in what kind of photographical situations can I use this lens?
        Is it worth to invest in such a lens?

        • yes with that crop factor you get a pretty hardcore tele lens. You could take pictures of a bird in a tree or anything that is super far away….

        • Risteard

          You could take nice photographs of the moon, airplanes, far away boats, far away people, cars, the tip of some mountain, the bells in the tower of a church, you may even pick other astronomical objects, easy and bright ones are the Pleiades star cluster (easy to see with naked eye too) Andromeda Galaxy and the Orion Nebula, high iso speeds and 2 / 3 seconds of exposure should show them (use to locate them!:) have fun!

          • ioovo

            Hi, thanks.
            Actually I own a Newtonian AltAz GoTo telescope and I also know how to use Stellarium and other astronomical apps to.

  • Shaikh Zubair

    hi there all
    i found this adapter that fixes infinity focus without additional galss and it works for pentacon 300 f/4 and 500/5.6 will it work with pentacon 135/2.8 please someone help

  • Shaikh Zubair

    i have got one 135/2.8 it has green markings on it. looks like m42 can anyone tell me this will work
    it works for pentacon 300 f/4 and 500/5.6 will it work with pentacon 135/2.8 please someone help

    • The lens in the video above is a medium format lens with a Pentacon Six mount. Infinity focus will work on a Nikon. The Pentacon 135 2.8 on the other hand uses a M42 or EXA mount. Infinity focus will most likely not work on a Nikon Dslr.

  • Hoang

    I have a Meyer, Exakta mount. Which mount should I use for Nikon? THanks

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  • Md Rafayat Haque Khan

    can i use this lens for NIKON BODY ?

  • Chris Debgr

    hello. i have a pentacon auto 2.8/135 mc, and a soligor 35-70mm . Witch dslr cameras are compatible with this lenses?


    • There are M42 adapters for Micro 4/3, Nikon F, Canon EOS, Pentax-K, Sony NEX, Sony Alpha and Fuji-X cameras:

      • Chris Debgr

        thanks for your answer. i have another question but this time is for a camera and not for lenses. I have a calypso underwater camera with serial number 6307 that i don’t want it anymore. what should i do with this history camera?

  • giuseppe leonardi

    hi i bought this lens is branded mayer optik but i think them are prakticar is it right?

    • Yes that is a Prakticar. Praktica B mount lens. Interesting that it is branded Meyer-optik. Very unusual

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  • I have seen a “Zebra” version advertised. Do you know anything about these?

  • Inigo Mascaraque


    I am thinking of buying one of these to use with my D810.
    I can choose the M42 mount or the Exakta versions.

    I understand that with the M42 version and an adapter without glass I will not be able to focus to infinity.

    Will I be able to focus to infinity with the exakta version and the adapter that was recommended below:

    The offer says: Infinity Focus =Yes


    • I assume it should work. FYI: That adapter has a glass lens in it. Hence you have an extra element and this might affect the image quality. But infinity focus should work.

    • Michal Nicak

      Excellent lens on my Pentax K5

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