G.Zuiko Olympus 35mm 2.8 OM-System

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  • Shawn Wright

    I noticed a few errors in this post – the first version released with the OM-1 was the silver-nosed “Olympus OM-System G.Zuiko Auto-W 1:2.8 f=35mm, with serial numbers in the range 100000+. The minimum focus for all versions is 0.3m. The black nosed G.Zuiko you have shown is from the late 70s/early 80s, before the MC version was released in 1984. The silver nosed version was sold until at least 1976, as I have one purchased new with an OM-2, s/n 129170. A very solid lens that still performs well after 40 years. It does show less contrast than other OM Zuikos, especially the later MC versions, but mine is quite sharp.
    Lots of reference data here: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/olympusom1n2/shared/zuiko/htmls/35mm.htm

  • Barabas

    Just got a late version of this lens (multicoated, serial nr. 272.050) and discovered it is a very, very fine lens. The 240 gram is completely wrong though. I know it is mentioned at MIR site but that must be a mistake, the weight is exactly the same as the single coated version.

    The weight of the new 35mm f2 version however is exactly 240 grams (230 gr. for the old f2) so the info on that site got mixed up a bit.

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