Nikon 50mm 1:2 – NIKKOR-H – NIKKOR-H-C and AI

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  • Mischa Bachmann

    Looking good!
    Just sold my 50/1.2 Ai-s because I didn’t like the Bokeh at all. Yes, it’s very sharp and has character, but there’s way too much spherical aberration. Still have the 50/1.4 Ai, but that’s basically the same lens as the 1.2, just slightly slower 😀
    I’m looking for a normal lens with smooth bokeh and guess the last two to check are the 50/2 and the 58/1.4, since those are the only two other lenses that are affordable..

    Could you test the latter next? And maybe do a comparison with close focus and “messy” background to show how smooth the bokeh circles are.


    • Christopher Perez

      Check out a Micro-Nikkor 55mm wide open. The out of focus rendition is surprisingly good. No, you won’t have the super narrow depth of field of a faster lens, but it might be sufficient for most things.

  • Christopher Perez

    I’m finding that many old Nikkors are very very fine optics. The 50mm f/2 H is one of them. Mine is surprisingly sharp in the middle wide open. The edges are soft at f/2, but clean up a little as you stop down. I paid 40Euro for mine, though if you shop carefully you can find these for around 20USD.

    The surprise is the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AiS. While it’s not as razor sharp wide open in the center, it’s a much more flat field lens and the edges of the frame are really quite good from f/1.8 on down. In fact, it’s become one of my favorite lenses.

    Here is something I wrote about these lenses –

  • Steve Marino

    The best 50 lens that Nikon ever made. They don’t call it the Japanese Summicron for nothing! Beautiful bokeh (never one of Nikon’s strong suits with their lenses), and an overall beautiful IQ make these lenses shine on any camera you can fit them to. The earlier single coated H lenses are the best. I even shot mine w/ an inexpensice adapter on my Canon FD cameras.

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