Meyer-Optik Görlitz Trioplan 100 2.8

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  • Just checking amazon for a “100mm f2.8 Lens”. So I averaged the price for the 1st ten lenses that came up and found it to be $661. These are all likely sharper at 2.8 but none of them can touch the bokeh of this lens. So while it may be expensive for an old lens, it absolutely is a good deal at twice the price.

  • Marilyn Davenport

    I could use this with an adapter on my Canon 5DII but although adapters for Sony A6000 are available – do you think it will work well with my a6000?

    • it would work well on a a6000. The advantage of using the Canon 5D would be that it is full frame.

  • Kausthub Desikachar

    Hi, Can I have your opinion on the MG Diaplan lens. Do you know where it can be available?

    How does it compare to the Trioplan?

  • The recent Kickstarter campaign to revive this lens is testimony to the thirst of the cult of bokeh. It’s a nice lens. I have the 50mm version and was lucky enough to get it for $30 last year. The truth is that you can achieve the same optical signature with a different lens with the same design. It will take a little DIY, but it’s much much cheaper. I’ve outlined all the necessary steps here:
    Here’s a rough example of what it can do…

  • Chris Vellrath

    Would you care to explain how this lens is not suitable for “cropped cameras”? I’ve seen some shots and footage from x1.6 cropped sensor cameras that seem to have turned out rather nicely.

    • Sorry that is a bit misleading. I meant that due to the crop factor the 100mm suddenly has a much longer focal length. The image quality is still great, you just have to stand further away from your subject to get it into the frame. Also you will have less bokeh as the bokeh is mostly on the image of the image (ie the part that is cropped).

      • Chris Vellrath

        Oh, I see. That makes a lot more sense. I was slightly worried about degraded image quality due to less of the lens being in the the frame and “zoom” due to a cropped sensor. In that case, I’ll probably pick one up on ebay when I can. I’m sure their price will only go up from here. The new batch is going to be nearly double. Thanks!

  • Chris Vellrath

    I went ahead and bought it (M42 mount) today! Thanks again for your more in-depth review. Can’t wait to use this legendary lens. Payed less than half of what the new ones will cost. O.o

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  • Jeanet Groenewoud

    Can i adjust the 100 mm to a Canon dslr ?

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