Meyer Optik Gorlitz Primoplan 1.9 58

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  • Jennifer Carter

    We just realized we have one of these! We bought this old (non-functioning) camera for $20.00 and only months and months later my husband realized what lens was attached to it. We were not really sure exactly what lens it was for a while because what we thought was a deep scrape is actually the purposeful removal of the word “Primoplan” from the front of the lens. I can’t figure out why on earth someone would go to all that trouble to scape away that one word! I just ordered an adapter and should be able to shoot with it on my Fuji in a few days! 🙂

    • Congrats on your bargain purchase! That’s a great lens you got there. Looks in pretty good condition too. Interesting to see that your models as a little 1 in the triangle – they must have added that for later models. Interesting camera too – looks like a Praktica FX but branded Rival Reflex. Haven’t seen one of those before 😉
      Not too sure why “Primoplan” was removed. It could be an issue with the patented naming rights – but that only affected Carl Zeiss Jena as far as I know.
      Anyways I am sure you’ll have fun with it! 😉

      • Jennifer Carter

        I’m excited to try shooting with it! You are probably right about the camera body. The fitted leather case it came in says “Praktica” on it. Thanks for the information- I have always liked the camera and lens but never realized what it was until I came across this site. 🙂

    • David King

      Ha! I did the EXACT same thing – Rival Reflex (just a rebranded Praktica FX), with a Primoplan attached – for $20…

  • Norbert Lack

    I bought one for less than 5 Euros (sitting on a defective Praktica FX). Only later I realized what a bargain I had made (in Germany this lens is cheaper, “only” 100 EUR and up)! After cleaning, my lens looks at least as good as Jennifer Carter’s.

    On APS-C-EOSes infinity focus is possible, I have an EOS 550D (Rebel T2i).

    • Jennifer Carter

      I would love to see what you have been able to shoot with yours! Mine seems to be not 100% sharp, but l love it anyway!

      • Norbert Lack

        OK, this is just a quick shot I just did (f/8). Unfortunately I had to reduce the quality to get the file under 2MB.

  • Nguyen Huu Hoang

    I acknowleged that the old age lenses of couse have some issues, one of is oil on blade aperture. I read somewhere said that oil is big problem for auto focus lens but not big problem for manual focus lens. Is it true? and if I get service leaning off, will it happens again?

    My second question is some lenses has a triangle mark, some have triangle mark with number 1 in the centre, what is the difference, of course I know they are diferent with the one without this IQ mark


  • Chris Crimson

    Is this supposed to be low contrast at 1.9 then gets super sharp and higher contrast around f4? My copy is like that.

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  • Dan

    The early version of this lens, up to a serial number somewhere in the range of more than 1250000 and less than 1350000, has a 40.5mm filter mount and the front lens very close to the front end of the barrel. The aperture blades of this version frequently show signs of use (chafing of the blades against each other). This version has a red V to indicate the coating, but no other quality marking on the front ring. Like the early (most often black) brass version of the biotar it does not have a focus ring with identures, thereby keeping its slim appearance. The earlier version is smaller, sexier, and harder to find in good condition.

    The later version is wider, has a 49mm filter mount, and its front lens is more deeply embedded in the barrel, probably to reduce problems with flaring. It’s appearance is more similar to the alu biotars of the same period. This version variously has a triangle and even higher serial numbers a triangle with the numeral “1” in it to indicate first-grade quality.

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