Meyer-Optik Görlitz Orestor 2.8 135

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  • Sabandija del terror
  • Bob Bruyn

    I just bought this lens. Mine has an interlaced IQ between the serial number and Orestegor on the barrel. I seemed to remember reading somewhere that this was stamped on the best lenses, but can’t seem to find any information. Can someone help me out?

    • Hi Bob,

      the 1Q stamp indeed means that the lens is of “higher” quality. 1Q lenses were often the ones that got exported to the “capitalistic west”. Have a look here:

      • Bob Bruyn

        Ah! Thanks helping out. I was looking for IQ instead of 1Q. Great site by the way! A weath of information for a newbie like me 🙂

  • Hoang

    I just posted a question but dont know where it had gone. I may ask here again that I found a Biometar 80/2.8 m42, and the seller said it has an internal cosmetic defect that the thread is full and bent to the ring. I have no ideas of this is still good lens to buy for use not for collection. Thanks

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