Meyer-Optik Görlitz Oreston 1.8 50

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  • I got this lens a couple of days ago for € 5,00 at a fleamarket so i think thats quite a steal. My version is a M42 all black with only a kind of zebra look on the aperture ring (which goes to 16 instead of 22)
    I like the close focus of 33cm which is closer than the 50cm of the Helios 44-2.

    The only flaw on this lens is that is missing the knob to close the aperture when stopped down. There is only a little pin and bit annoying to press when making a photo.

    here is one of the first pictures i took with it.

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  • Brett Rogers

    FYI it is “bokeh”, not “bookeh”. Interesting review, thank you very much. I scored a zebra version of this in M42 for AUD 5.00 last week. I’ll have to give it a try soon.

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