Meyer-Optik Görlitz Domiplan 50mm 2.8

M42 mount version

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  • NJPurling

    When the photo press said bad things about optics from the former GDR I wondered how much was prejudice & whether they were as bad.
    If you are actually buying one of these lenses make sure the iris stops down when the pin is pushed. I bought two to get one that worked properly.
    It is soft at f2.8 around the edges, but it ought to be OK across the frame by f8.
    The Domiplam was not even the worst 50mm to be found on a Praktica.
    Try a E.Ludwig 50mm f2.9 Meritar wide open and you will wonder why you were hating on the Domiplam
    Amazingly the Domiplan and Meritar were still listed for the Praktica MTL5 on a box tag. It must have applied only to GDR internal market Prakticas. All UK examples had a Tessar as the base lens

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