Leica Summitar 50 1:2 Ernst Leitz Wetzlar

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  • Thanks for a detailed and engaging write-up on one of my often-used go-to lenses!

    I use the Summitar on Leica bodies and enjoy its ergonomics very much. I don’t think that you mentioned the lack of click stops on the aperture, which I think would be most peoples’ issue with it’s ergonomics. I find it somewhat liberating with a built-in meter Leica because you can set the aperture precisely where the meter indicates best rather than the nearest click stop. This may be a pro for slide film shooters and I just enjoy how it removes my mind from technique a little bit.

    The Summitar doesn’t have the resolution of a stopped down Summarit or Summicron but bokeh is smooth and separation can be quite crisp. My coated version flared badly before I had it professionally cleaned but I see no unusual flaring now and often use it without a hood. Here’s what I’ve done with my Summitar over the years:


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