Leica II Model D


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  • DaveMurray

    I looked on our local Thursday flea market and found myself standing next to an old guy holding what looked to be a Leica 2. He asked the stall holder (a real Del-boy type) how much? £135. Is it a real Leica? “Don’t know anything about it ” he was told. I asked the old guy to show me the back of the camera? He turned it over and there was a serial number. I said “it’s a Russain copy and worthless ” I told him that real Leicas have it on the top and pulled my 1935 model 111 from my pocket. As we walked away, Del – boy shouted “f**k off! “

  • DaveMurray

    These screw Leicas are perfect for street photography especially when you use the retractable lens 5cm.

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