Jupiter-8 1:2 50 – ЮПИТЕР-8

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  • I think this is quite a wonderful lens, though clearly not int he league of other LTM lenses. Using it on a Micro 43 system, one gets the sharpest portion of the lens anyway, so it will be interesting to see how it performs on my APS-C camera body.
    I posted some examples from our Xmas pageant last year here: http://sjp.id.au/photography/adelaide-christmas-pageant/

    In terms of sharpness and contrast, I think it’s excellent so far.

    • tsinik55

      It’s one of my favorite portrait lens (I have black M39 version). Works perfectly with full-frame sensor.
      Not mentioning its price – a used one can be bought for $7, in (almost) mint condition – about $12-14.

      • Agreed. And the black version simply looks great on a black digital body. Well balanced and just fun to use. I sometimes use it at hyperfocal lengths so I don’t even have to focus. Other times, I’ll just estimate the distance and set it on the scale.

  • DaveMurray

    Someone gave me my black Jupiter 8 and I put a 50mm adapter ring on it and started using it on my newly acquired 1955 Double-stroke M3. I find it prefers mono work to colour. Colours tend to look a little washed out, however, well stopped down, mono is great. Deep blacks, good greys and accurate highlights. I managed to find a fairly deep black metal lens hood and forced a rubber ring to the front of the lens barrel. The hood now pushes onto that. I’m convinced that stopping down to at least f8 plus the hood and FP4 gives you the chance of at least approaching the quality of the old Canon breecklock lenses for the Canon F1. I used these from 1991 to 2007.

    • Nanda Widyatama

      Agree… I have one in black also. Pair it with mirrorless apsc give some reasonable good shots. And so the best performance goes to mono photography. Quite good performance per price.

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