Industar-26M 2.8 5cm ИНДУСТАР 50mm

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  • tsinik55

    Nice lens. And cheap as well.
    The further development of 26M resilted in Industar-61/61L/61LD rangefinder lens line. The 26M and 61x (except for 61LZ) models are almost identical, except that 61x are sharper in center.
    I, personally, prefer 26Ms because they are softer than 61x when wide open, have nicer bokeh and they somewhat close to the original Tessar in terms of picture quality.

    The latest incarnation of 26M was called Industar-61LZ, where “Z” is short for “Zerkalny” (Lens Reflex). They were made for Zenit cameras with M42 thread.

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