Classic Lenses FAQ

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  • Hello. I have few old lens from Carl Zeiss company.I want to tell you that i can’t find the model of the lens on the internet.
    Can you please tell me where i can find it and what price i can get on it/them?

    First model is Carl Zeiss Jena, Nr. 3528332 Tessar 1:4,5 f=135mm

    The second model i will put it on the site where and if i will get an answer.
    Thank you in advance, John

    • Hi John,

      Does the lens have an integrated shutter?

      I suppose this is your lens:

      Could you maybe post a picture of it on the Facebook page:

      If it is this lens it is a large format lens, price depends on quality and should be around $100.

      Whats the otherone?

      • Hello. I was looking on the movie that you sent, i want to tell you that is not the same lens that i have. I was sending you some pictures on facebook..
        I hope you get them and i will wait your answer again.
        But thank you anyway for your reply.

  • Kevin Ferguson

    I recently picked up a Meyer-Optik Trioplan 50/2.9. I am struggling to find out which adapter I need to get it to mount to a Fuji XT-1. If you have any advice or suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

    • Hi Kevin,
      that should be a Altix mount lens you have. Unfortunately the adapters are rather rare and expensive but there is a place you can get them:

      I own one myself (Altix Semi Permanent Adapter) and they are very well made and they work perfectly.

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