Carl Zeiss Ultron 50mm 1.8

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  • Love the blog (read every post).
    This lens really interests me. Did you get the M42 mount lens? Was it expensive?
    I’d want one in really good condition—I’d probably use it most days, and may never sell it!
    I have the Pancolar 80/1,8, which I love.

    • Hey Martin, thanks for your kind words. I also had a look on your page and really like it. The monkey pics are especially amazing!

      Regarding the Ultron: I got it once with a BM mount and once with a M42 mount. The BM I sold because you can’t find a proper adapter.

      • Thank you! The monkeys are amazing creatures. Most of those pictures were with NEX7 and Tamron manual 90mm macro (72B).
        Shall we discuss some things over email? I’d be quite interested to hear from you

  • Jeffrey Hu

    Nice blog! I have this lens in BM mount, and it performs excellant with my A7R!

    • which adapter do you use? 🙂

      • Jeffrey Hu

        KIPON ICA35S -NEX
        I have both ICAREX 35 & ICAREX 35S, so I collect most of lens in BM mount, and they all work well with Sony E mount series.

        • Sounds nice. Thanks for the info 🙂

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  • Alex D.

    These lenses make beautiful images. How would they perform on a UHD video camera like Sony A7S or Blackmagic 4k? I’ve been wanting to experiment with vintage lenses for a while, but with the modern high resolution sensor I am affriad they will deliver a commercially viable image.

    • Eelco

      I know you asked this a while ago but I will still answer this for you. For your idea I work as a technician at a (film)camera rental company.
      Old lenses will work just fine on UHD (4k) camera’s. And they are used all the time. Best examples of old film vintage lenses are zeiss superspeeds, zeiss standard primes, kowa’s, super baltars and canon K35. Only problem with using still lenses on video camera’s is breathing. Film lenses are to some degree corrected for breathing while still lenses (old and new) most of the time are not. (breathing is slight zooming in and out when you pull focus) it’s up to you to decide if the amount that it has is acceptable for you. In therm of resolution even 4k or even 6k a Epic dragon has is still not very much compared to digital still camera’s. So if the lens looks good on a still camera it will look good on video. Thing to look at are chromatic aberration and breathing. But that’s about it. 🙂

      • Alex D.

        Thanks Eelco, Your reply was very informative. I have one question regarding cinema lenses. Many of the vintage mounts do not interface with the EF lens mount, especially PL. It it possible to rehouse these lenses to connect to EF mount? Perhaps you can contact me directly and we can discuss about it. My email is pixelatorNyc -at –

        Thanks again for your awesome message 🙂

  • Mischa Bachmann

    Did you ever investigate the Voigtlander Color-Ultron?

    I just bought one (with a lens mount-conversion kit to Canon EOS) and am curious to see how it compares to the CZJ Pancolar 50/1.8, S-M-C Takumar 50/1.4 and the Fujinon 50/1.4 non-EBC.

  • Riley Escobar

    Filters are available for the Ultron, they’re in the Icarex 35 B50 mount (search for Icarex filter on eBay). There are also adapters on eBay (same eBay search) if you want to mount a standard 52mm or 55mm threaded filter.

  • lele

    My Ultron with icarex mount slightly blocks the mirror of my Canon 6d in the infinity mode. What a dissapointment for me

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  • Joshua Smith

    Has anyone ever found a guide for the m42 mount on cleaning dust within the lens?

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