Carl Zeiss Sonnar 200mm 2.8

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  • Guillaume Regnaux

    Hi! First Many Thanks for the reviews! It’s a tremendous amount of Work that you’ve achieved and it is precious help too 😉
    So happy I had to share my yesterday’s found of a copy of the Sonnar 200mm MC I made on flea market (at a ridiculous low price). Unluckily this copy has been badly stored, again… fungus… and is in need of a serious cleaning :/ but I couldn’t wait to use it on the tooooo tiny sensor of GH4. I know. I’m planning to go A7 FF soon I promise 😉 Anyway, I think this lens is Magical too (or could it be the mush?…). When you use it Telly Savalas come’s back to Life!! Haha!
    Best Regards from Paris!

  • Merci beaucoup Guillaume, ça fait plaisir! Je suis très content de voir que Telly Savalas se porte bien 😉 Chapeau!

    • Guillaume Regnaux

      😉 et c’est bien connu Kojak ne mange que les champignons qu’à la Grecque! Et il a dû aimer ma recette, car l’assiette est propre 🙂 Je viens de remonter le Sonnar après un petit nettoyage. Plus de fungus pour le moment 🙂 le démontage de l’objectif et des optiques est assez simple et le design proche de celui d’une Pentacon 135mm 2.8 MC

  • Jan

    Why “not suitable for cameras using a cropped sensor”?

    I use this lens with Canon 60D (APS-C) – and it’s real fun! 🙂

    Only when using APS-C, 200 mm focal length is equivalent of ~ 320 mm on FF. So – really good tele for really nice price!

    • KG

      He means handheld I’m sure, as he recommends a tripod for crop sensor shooting using this lens. At the FF equiv of 320mm every slight movement you make will see the scene shake like crazy when hand holding. It would be more manageable on full frame, 200mm, wider view.

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