Carl Zeiss Sonnar 135 3.5

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  • Ken Cameron

    Not ridiculously too big on my OM 1, and gives a fastish 270mm equivalent. What’s not to like?

  • Nickelbert

    I read somewhere that the Jupiter 37A is an exact copy of this lens. Do you know if this is true or not? If you have that lens lying around I’d be excited to read a review of yours!

    • Joshua Michael McAteer

      It’s a copy of the lens formula. I have a 37A and it’s fantastic, but I’ve heard that the quality control was less strict than in the Jena factory. The Jupiters are all excellent lenses. I’d recommend them.

      • Nickelbert

        Thanks for the info! The 37A goes for less than half of the Sonnar. So that’s very tempting.

  • Andrea Bertuzzi

    I have a good copy of this CZJ and it really is a thing of beauty – sometimes I just take it our of its box to play with it, it really does set standards in terms of build and handling.
    Sadly I don’t use as much as it deserves cause it’s a PITA to focus on my ancient Sony DSLR and it’s just a bit too front-heavy for my X-E1… but when I do use it and get it right, oh boy. Been waiting for a chance to try it as a (long) portrait lens although I suspect it may be even a bit too sharp for that…

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  • Boris Ranilović

    why it wont fit mft cameras? i have omd em5.. tnx

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