Carl Zeiss Pancolar 80mm 1.8

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  • Witchawut Termsrisuk

    PB Mount the minimum focus is 0.60m
    It’s very good.

  • Kausthub Desikachar

    Hi, Why do you suggest that we go for Praktica B mount, instead of the M42 mount. Is there a reason? Are the two lenses similar optically?

    • The Prakticar B mount lens is often available at a lower price and actually has a shorter minimal focusing distance. Otherwise it is the same lens.

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  • Sanada Studio


    Does the Praktica type mount hit the canon full frame mirror as well? I own a canon, and this is very worrying me because i’m planning to get one

    • Yes ist does. No infinity focus possible.

      • Sanada Studio

        thank you for your info, that was a close call. Too bad though, i like the character of the lens 🙁

  • Vladislav

    I have Carl Zeiss Jena 80 f1.8 MC Prakticar / Nikon F. System B I remade in Nikon / F. Infinity and distance range are performed accurately, the diaphragm is working properly by hand. Very conveniently shoot camera Nikon D750. I am happy that I was able to reground bayonet so well. This is the best portrait lens.

  • Vladislav
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