Carl Zeiss Jena Triotar 135mm 4

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  • dondi

    Clean the inside of the lens elements, easy to take it apart, lube the helicoil slots and this lens is far better than you think! Fous at manual 7.2x Sony A7r E-Mount, wow! this is for version 1 the 13,5cm/4 Zeiss triotar, regards, Don

    • dadoudenice1

      bonjour Dondi…I just received my triotar … know how to take it apart because the focus ring is hard … thank you to tell me a link

  • Leonardas Rimkus

    “not suitable for cropped cameras sensors” – why? If the lens covers full frame – it can perfectly be used on a cropped sensor camera.

    • vintage camera lenses

      I meant due to the cropped factor the lens will be like a super tele. Technically it can of course be used on a cropped camera sensor. I removed the text as it seems to be confusing. Have a good one!

    • sorry that is a bit confusing. Technically it works of course, I just meant the crop factor could turn out to be a bit tricky. Have removed this passage.

  • Chang Rong Goh

    What about sonnar 135mm f4 compare to this?

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